AKA “The Bishop”

Sylvia Bishop, a young grandmother, started training dogs some 33 years ago. The lists of her achievements are endless, her enthusiasm has no bounds, and her untiring efforts in helping all other dog handlers she meets has undoubtedly made her one of the most popular and talked about individuals in the dog obedience world.
     Born and bred in Brighton, Sussex, she has been married for 45 years and has five sons. Her Husband Roy’s ongoing support has enabled her to travel to many places, to give lectures and courses, and to enter her own dogs in various competitive shows.
     Sylvia is the person who has been promoting ‘fun’ training for dog and handler since 1974, and whose techniques are still applicable and widely known today. The efficiency of Sylvia’s approach is demonstrated in her own dogs. She is the first person to have well over 7 different dogs for qualification to crufts.

Sylvia Bishop, owner and trainer of:
Obedience Champion Enchanted Blue Star
Obedience Champion Misty Magic
Obedience Champion Magic Sunday
Obedience Champion Pajawi Crystal Gail
Obedience Champion She’s Magic
Obedience Champion Forever Magic Sunday
Obedience Champion It’s a Kinda Magic
Obedience Champion Spot the Magic
Obedience Champion Suenijon He’s Magic